Welcome to the official MineTheft Network server store. This is the place for you to enhance your MineTheft player experience. We offer server ranks and other perks. Access the servers using the menu bar.

Payments are handled and secured by PayPal.

Concerned about spending money here? Don't be! These are some ways we will put your donation to good use:

  • Advertising - The best way to create a friendly community!

  • Custom Plugins - To give you the best experience you can get!

  • Custom Builds - To expand your amazing experience!

  • Website Design - Another key to a great community!

  • Hosting - The best dedicated hosting with no lag, just for you!

Enjoy your time on the MineTheft Network, because this server is here to stay!

A note to parents/guardians: We here at MineTheft Network wholeheartedly respect and appreciate our players. We work hard to ensure that any and all purchases made provide players with a fun and friendly environment. If you have questions, contact us with our email: business@minetheft.net